The Stranger Upstairs, a review by Cat

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The Stranger Upstairs
Lisa M. Matlin

Published September 26, 2023
By Bantam
288 Pages

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You guys know me; I’m always looking for a new thriller author to fall in love with. So when I saw The Stranger Upstairs pop up on BOTM, it was a done deal. The Stranger Upstairs blends influencer vibes with an unreliable narrator.

The truth is that maintaining my connection with this story proved to be a challenge. Sarah, the main character, is just not someone I found to be likable. It’s okay for not all main characters to be likable, but it did create a hurdle when it came to rooting for her.

Introducing an initially unlikable character who later transforms into an unreliable narrator is an intriguing choice. While it works in certain aspects, there are moments where it falls short. Perhaps a bit more refinement through workshop sessions could have perfected this narrative choice? I’m uncertain.

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