The Storyteller by the Sea, a review by Shelley

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Phyllida Shrimpton

Aria & Aries
Publication Date: September 14th, 2023
368 Pages
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The book is told entirely from Melody’s point of view. This is a very character-driven story, and even though there is a big family secret it is Meldoy as a character that carries the story. Melody and Jules didn’t let the family secret tear them apart, in fact, it brought them closer than ever. The story has two timelines; the current timeline starts in 1988 but we also have flashbacks as far as 1968 and we move forward in time to 2023. As is usual for me I enjoyed the earlier timeline explaining what happened in the past much more.

Melody is a paradox she seems both older and younger than her years, she is stubborn and set in her ways like an older person might be yet she is also not very street-wise or versed in romance and the dating scene. Although there is a bit of a romance going on I was so glad the book wasn’t romance focused. I loved how much Melody grew as a character and a person, I cheered Melody on in her endeavours.

As sad as this story was at times it is ultimately a book about hope, letting go and moving on and letting people in. Melody’s love of the sea is second only to her love and devotion to her family. Her love for her family shone through every page I loved the coastal location and the author’s descriptions took me there. Phyllida Shrimpton certainly has a way of writing about time and place. I felt like I could feel the sea spray and smell the fishy air.

Heavy topical fare is dealt with in this tale; about the differently abled (like me as I am deaf), the environment, grief, and secrets. A memorable story I won’t soon forget and oh so poignant. I also have to say that I absolutely love the cover as it suits the wonderful story inside perfectly.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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