The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany, a Review by Di

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The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany
Lori Nelson Spielman
Published on November 12, 2020

I was in the mood for a book that would lift my spirits and one to cure my book hangover. This one certainly lifted my spirits but it replaced my book hangover with another. A wonderfully written book about 2 sisters and their elderly great aunt on a journey to Italy to break a curse that the family believes has been settled upon the second-born daughter in each branch of the family. It was believed that the second-born daughter would never get married and up until that point, the curse was working. It is a story about secrets (OF COURSE!) love, relationships, kindness, and hope. It is also a story of self-discovery…..during this trip each woman learned a lot about themselves.

The book served as a great travelogue with stops in Venice and Tuscany. There were great descriptions of the cities and the countryside. And it was a culinary journey as well. It is not easy to classify this book. It is more than chick-lit, probably heading more towards women’s literature. There was depth to the characters and very interesting dynamics of a multi generational Italian family. Lastly, it was an emotional book. During 2020 emotions have been close to the surface anyway. This book evoked a lot of emotions. I smiled, I chuckled and I even shed a few tears. The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany was an easy and entertaining read.

I loved it!

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