The Spoon Stealer, a review by Di

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The Spoon Stealer  

Lesley Crewe

Women’s Fiction

360 Pages
Published September 30, 2020 by Vagrant Press
Available on Amazon
Emmaline found comfort in spoons… her favourite brother once told her that everyone deserves a spoonful of kindness.

I don’t want to summarize the plot, that has already been done by other reviews and the publisher.

This is a book about Emmaline (a lady of certain years) who steals spoons for comfort and lives with her dog. She carries on conversations with her dog….she answers. Sometimes very sarcastically and with attitude. And, no, it is not weird.

Emmaline is a lady who thinks she lacks confidence but she is amazingly strong and very intuitive. Even though Emmaline had a hard early life and felt that she did not fit in with her family she loves them dearly.  Sadly, some of them are hard to love.

The story is both plot-driven and character driven, equal balance. A great deal of it takes place in Canada, a fact that I love.

Emmaline shows us the power a “spoonful of kindness” has. I wish she was a real person so that I could meet her.

The author left a wonderful Afterword at the end.

I’m sad that my journey with Emmaline is over.




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