The Six Tales of Christmas, a review by Sherry

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The Six Tales of Christmas
Anne Marie Ryan

Christmas Fiction
388 pages

Published by Trapeze
December 10, 2010

A sweet Christmas story about the community of family, friends and strangers. I always think of Christmas as a time of family. What do you consider family? Is it the family you are born into or the family you surround yourself with? Can a stranger be family? Nora and Simon own a struggling bookshop in rural England. It is right before Christmas and all hopes of getting out of debt and saving the shop are lost on a slow Christmas season. As they struggle, they decide to hold a contest and send books to six strangers that are in need of some holiday cheer. They pick the six best all time Christmas books and anonymously deliver the books.

The book focuses on Nora, Simon and the six recipients and how all their lives are changed by this small gesture. Each book reminds the recipient of an important life lesson. I’m left wondering what Christmas story would fit in my life.

A heartfelt tale weaving six Christmas books into the plot. A clever idea indeed. And at the perfect time. With lockdowns and quarantines, this story reminded me of hug and what community can do when it works together. Just like a Hallmark movie before they focused on romance. It will get you in the holiday spirit.


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