The Sisters of Reckoning, a review by Cat

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The Sisters of Reckoning
Charlotte Nicole Davis

Published August 10, 2021
By Tor Teen
352 Pages

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The Sisters of Reckoning is the second novel and conclusion (I believe) to Charlotte Nicole Davis’ The Good Luck Girls series. It’s also one of those books that I’ve been counting down the days for, and with good reason!

Aster, her sister, and their friends fought hard for their freedom. And in the events of the last book, they earned it. But Aster can’t turn her back on every other girl stuck in a Good Luck House. She won’t rest until they’re all free.

Thus, Aster and crew find themselves in the center of a group of fighters. They’re the new heart to this revolution, which calls new Dust Bloods to their side every day. Will it be enough to earn freedom for everyone? The question haunts Aster.

Like many other readers out there, I was swept away by the events of The Good Luck Girls. I can honestly tell you that this sequel has earned a place in my heart, right alongside its predecessor. It was absolutely worth the wait; I can tell you that much right from the start. Much like the first novel in this series, it really does pack a punch.

The world that Charlotte Nicole Davis created here is a harsh one. We have two sets of people, with one subjugating the other. It’s hard to see but easy to root for justice. It’s even easier to appreciate Aster’s stance and everything she does to try and make the world a better place.

The messages woven into this narrative are hard to swallow, but they make the story what it is, and I have to love and respect that. More than that, that foundation allows for heartwarming and powerful moments as individuals and groups rise up to do what is right.

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