The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives, a review by Di

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Kristen Miller

Ballantine Books
July 20, 2021
288 pages

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This book partly resembles Desperate Housewives, Big Little Lies and Stepford Wives. Off the wall, quirky and corny!

The setting of the book is a very exclusive street, which is an enclave, complete with a gated entrance and very strict rules about how to live there. The story centers on 3 couples who live in this community.

The characters would never be in my circle of friends. There are controlling husbands, murderous thoughts, superficial women friends full of snide remarks, a woman whose husbands seem to die mysteriously. Everyone seems to have an agenda. Not a single character evokes empathy…..none of them are likeable. It’s really hard to like a character when her ambition is to be a Trophy Wife, or when her thought process is about what would make the best Instagram hashtag. But, I guess women like this do exist. They seem entitled yet insecure at the same time.

Despite all my seemingly negative comments above, it is a fun book to read. The plot involves a missing person, suspicion of murder. There’s over the top drama. There are so many lies and secrets it’s hard to know where the truth lies.

Then there’s the explanation at the end. And I still didn’t like any of the characters any better. My opinion of the book remains the same. Entertaining
but I don’t know why I read it!
(Explanation: I rated it 3 ears if corn because it was so corny!😁)

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