The Second Husband, a review by Sherry

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The Second Husband
Kate White

384 pages
published June 28, 2022

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I fell in love with Kate’s books while reading Bailey Weggins. While this one isn’t part of that series, it’s a stand alone everyone can jump in and enjoy, but I do highly recommend those too. Emma married her second husband quite quickly after her first husband’s murder and at the start of the book, she’s informed by the police they will be reinvestigating his death.  She’s a trend researcher so she starts her own investigation because she is sure she will be a suspect again.  This is such a great profession for her to be able to uncover little tidbits of info slowly and analyze. I always say I’m intuitive and a problem solver as long as I am not in the mix and that seems to be true for Emma. She starts to doubt both of her husbands and their marriages in addition to others around her.  Misdirection seems to just leap off the page at you as you try to piece the puzzle pieces together and figure it out. 

I have to admit I am not usually a fan of the slow burn, but in this book it works. I was guessing and second guessing who was reliable and what information was a red herring versus what was pertinent. And for the second read this summer, I had a gasp worthy moment. 

I think those that have loved Kate’s last books in addition to those that like a slow burn puzzle will enjoy this latest book.


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