The Second Blind Son, a review by Amy

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The Second Blind Son
Amy Harmon
47 North
448 pages
Available: July 20


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“I promise you I will not give up today.”

I savored every morsel of this book over an entire week (which is very uncommon for me). I could’ve easily devoured it in one fast sitting…it certainly pulled me in and captivated me. But as I started it, I quickly realized that this book was exactly what my (weary) heart needed at the moment. This was a book I could savor and enjoy…putting this world aside, escaping into Saylok with Hod and Ghisla.

And even after spending a week with these friends, I read the last words and was gutted that I had to say goodbye.

Powerful and passionate with a side of longing. This is a story about desperate times. It’s also a story about hope. But mostly, it’s a story about love and overcoming. It’s a masterfully told, engrossing saga.

This tale of Hod and Ghisla is rooted in Norse mythology and set amongst a collapsing country, a caustic curse, and a corrupt ruler. Hod has lived a solitary life among the caves and trained by Arwin, the cave keeper. Ghisla fled the funeral pyres of her plagued region and washed up on Hod’s shore. They had no one until they found each other. Together she allows him to see, and he allows her to remember the magic of song. But Arwin’s fear tears coupled with the curse over the kingdom tear them apart. Their only hope is for the curse to be overturned.

Much happens in Saylok following their separation. All of it was important and well plotted. It was dark and moody and dire, but my focus was forever on the longing and angst that Hod and Ghisla felt throughout their separation. OH THE LONGING! Their need for connection was palpable. I was desperate alongside them. The ache and torture they felt, I felt. Harmon created a pure, beautiful love between Hod and Ghisla, and I was deeply invested in their story.

Every nation deserves a Hero like Hod. He is the exact kind of champion you want to cheer for. He is astute, kind, protective, strong, and selfless. He uses what most consider a weakness (blindness) as an incredible strength. While others seek power, he seeks peace.

Amy Harmon is a master storyteller, and this book showcases that. The imagery she painted as she created the world of Saylok is strong and vivid. These characters are flawed and real and complex. Every story element was adeptly executed to create this gripping tale.

Oh you’re going to LOVE this one.  Happy reading friends!


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