The Savage Instinct, a review by Cat

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The Savage Instinct
Marjorie DeLuca

377 Pages
Published March 16, 2021, by Inkshares

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The year is 1873, and Clara Blackstone has just been released from an asylum. Only to find herself in a prison of an entirely different making. The pressures of society and the abusive expectations of her husband make the experience an arduous one.

However, Clara soon finds solace in the understanding of another woman. One Mary Ann Cotton – yes, that one. She feels that this is the one person who could possibly ever understand her, however, the secrets told through friendship may very well drown any bond that has formed.

Yikes! The Savage Instinct is one of those novels that simply knocks your socks off. But that’s probably not a surprise, given the time period and promise of all the talk in the world about poisoning and serial killers.

I don’t normally read novels surrounding real-life killers (I prefer to keep them fictional, thank you very much!), but I have to admit that this was wonderfully done. I especially appreciated how Marjorie DeLuca was able to keep things pretty open-ended, all things considered.

She also does a horrifying good job at portraying the suffocating feeling that Clara experiences. The struggles of that time period feel real – almost too real. If you’re looking for a novel that’ll get you thinking – and feeling – then this is the book for you!

Thank you to #Inkshares and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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