The Savage Hunt (Court of Savages), a review by Tanya

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Court of Savages or The Savage Hunt
Christy Sloat

Published 2020 with a re-release in 2021

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Book Summary: 
High atop a mountain crest sits the grand Gahana Royal Hotel. The world’s most elite are dying to see what lies beyond its iron gates, yet only a select few earn an invitation.

How do they find themselves on that VIP list? By being truly monstrous human beings capable of the most fiendish acts. Once an invitation is extended, the evaluation begins. The Court of Savages thrive off the hunt, the thrill of the chase and the delight of the feast. Yet they adhere to a strict code. Never will they harm a human who is innocent, good, or reformed. Their beastly pallets require the most vile of beings and an invitation to the secretive resort has just been extended to London Stiles.

Can she prove there’s enough goodness in her to save, or will her check-out date be postponed indefinitely?

My Review:

I’m such a sucker for a great cover! (I think that rhymes!) In this case, Court of Savages has been updated and re-released under the new name The Savage Hunt. And I’ve gotta say, I love both the old and the new cover so much that I’d probably buy this book twice! Once for each cover.

Aren’t they beautiful? Which is your favorite?

I love them both although I find my eye drifting to the Court of Savages cover and I look at if often. And then it reminds me of that old Betty Hutton song ‘It’s oh so quiet’. And then I sing that song the rest of the day. 😊

But I digress. I’m here to talk about the book Court of Savages (now called The Savage Hunt). This is such a fun Dark Fantasy novella. I enjoyed the entire concept of it and really wished that it could have been a full length story that went deeper in to the past of all the monsters and carried on past the end of where this story stops.

Reading this story, I had echoes of a bit of the raucous that was had in Interview with the Vampire when the story was in full swing. I also was thinking of the Volturi characters from the Twilight series. Of course, that isn’t what this story was about, at all, but the feeling or the vibe of those two movies/books is what I completely felt throughout this story (albeit there is more sex described!) and I loved it.

This is not a love story but instead focuses on a group of Monsters (Vampires, witches, demons, sirens) who, in order to survive, change the way they live which has a direct affect on humans. At least a select few.

That’s it. That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. If you like Dark Fantasy and are looking for a fun new book, The Savage Hunt (blue cover) is definitely worth picking up. This is now available on Kindle Unlimited or in paperback from Amazon.

Thank you so much to the Author Christy Sloat for providing me with this gifted copy.  All opinions are expressed are my own.

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