The Rehearsals, a review by Tanya

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The Rehearsals
Annette Christie

320 pages
Published July 2021 by Little, Brown and Company

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About the Book:

In this delightful and romantic debut novel―with a Groundhog Day twist―a couple calls off their wedding after a disastrous rehearsal dinner, only to wake up the next morning trapped in a time loop. Together.

Two people. One wedding. No end in sight.

“A sweet, delightful romance.” —People
“Irresistible.” —Elin Hilderbrand
“An enchanting and compelling look at life’s what-if’s.” —Helen Hoang
“Terrific fun from beginning to end.” —Sarah Haywood

Megan Givens and Tom Prescott are heading into what is supposed to be their magical wedding weekend on beautiful San Juan Island. But with two difficult families, ten years of history, and all too many secrets, things quickly go wrong. After a disastrous rehearsal dinner they vow to call the whole thing off—only to wake up the next morning stuck together in a time loop. Are they really destined to relive the worst day of their lives, over and over? And what happens if their wedding day does arrive?

A funny, romantic, and big-hearted debut novel, The Rehearsals imagines what we might do if given a second chance at life and at love—and what it means to finally get both right.

My Review:

Such a sweet book!  I loved the move Groundhog Day and I loved this book, The Rehearsals!

The two main characters, Megan and Tom, are the only two that continue to knowingly wake up day after day, on their Wedding eve.

It seems like they are the perfect, happy couple. But as the repeating days go by, secrets are exposed and their relationship is tossed on it’s side.

There were times where I rooted for Megan and Tom to work it out and times where I wished they would go their separate ways, but throughout, I kept wondering what it was going to take to resolve the Groundhog Day event so they could continue on with their life.

I loved the story, the romance and the resulting ending.  Great story of how important it is to know yourself and be honest with your partner.

Thank you to @readforeverpub for this #SummerRead. I loved it!  All opinions expressed are my own.


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