The Rage, a review by Sara

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Shelley Crowley

225 pages
Published December 2020

β€œEzra, Gabriel and Lillian lived happy, quiet lives in the little village of Hicklesbury until a series of disturbing events threatens to reveal their secret. If the truth comes out, nothing will be the same again.With their lives and the future of the entire vampire population resting on the shoulders of the human authorities, what could possibly go wrong?”

This story is the prequel to a book I reviewed last year called The Progeny (read the review here) at the time I had a few issues with it. I said that it felt rushed and lacked the climax I had hoped for. Now that I’ve read the prequel I can say thatΒ is not the case at all. Shelley’s style of writing is one I am not used to, she doesn’t have to rely on big, over dramatic climaxes to get her story across. Her character development and smooth transitions through the story do the job and then some. After reading the prequel I went back and read the first story and it all fit together like puzzle pieces. The Rage ended right where The Progeny began and it was a flawless execution of how continuing a story should be. If i could give more than five stars, I would.


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