The Push, a review by Di

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The Push
Audrey Audrian

Published by Penguin Random House Canada
January 5, 2021

320 pages

This is a very dark and sad book. At times it is disturbing.

Briefly, The Push portrays how defective mothering can be passed on from generation to generation. Blythe, the central character was excited for motherhood but the experience was not at all what she had expected or hoped for once her baby girl was born.

There are flashbacks to Blythe’s childhood with her mother, Cecilia. And, also flashbacks to Cecilia’s childhood with her mother Etta. These flashbacks make the reader wonder if they set the stage for the present day issues with Blythe and her daughter, Violet.

The story is told in the first person by Blythe. From Blythe’s narration, we are led to believe that there is something wrong psychologically with Violet. Something that only Blythe sees. But, then I started to wonder about the truth of Blythe’s narrative. I wondered whether Blythe was the one with the problem.

This is an interesting story. Blythe’s character is very well developed as is the version of Violet that we see. The husband tends to blend into the background. I could not form an opinion about him, good or bad. I don’t think he was very supportive of his wife.

I do have an issue with the subject matter but it is difficult to express without revealing spoilers.

The ending was very abrupt. But, I think I got the answer as to who was psychologically impaired.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an Advance Reader’s Copy.

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