The Perfect Ones, a review by Cat

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The Perfect Ones
Nicole Hackett

Published May 2, 2023
By Crooked Lane
272 Pages

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I know that novels focusing on social media (and the drama it creates) can be a bit hit or miss. Yet when I saw The Perfect Ones available as an option for Aardvark, I was too tempted to pass it up!

Several social media influencers have been invited to a memorable vacation. It should have been one of those dream-come-true moments, right? However, this tale is about to become gloomy since one of the influencers vanishes.

Okay, so let me just say that I REALLY (REALLY) wanted to enjoy The Perfect Ones. The concept of a group of influential people becoming the focus of a mystery appealed to me. I was glad this was also a debut book (you have to give new authors a chance, right?). Unfortunately, I didn’t end up enjoying The Perfect Ones the way I had hoped.

The Perfect Ones wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t very satisfying. By the time I was done, I hardly felt anything good or unpleasant.

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