The Party Crasher, a review by Di

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Sophie Kinsella

Dial Press
October 12, 2021
368 pages

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It’s been many years since I read a book by Sophie Kinsella. In fact, I think I first started reading about the Shopaholic shortly after 9/11. It provided a much-needed escape from the terrible things that were happening. The books were light and silly and you couldn’t help cheering on as the protagonist muddled through her life.

Fast forward 20 years. New protagonist. Now we are living life through the eyes of Effie, who is out of sorts because her parents are splitting up after many years of marriage. So she crashes a party that her father and his new girlfriend are holding, staying hidden. She hears and sees many things that she wished she hadn’t.

This story is full of over the top family drama, bad choices, corny situations. If this were a movie, it would be slapstick. But, there are also serious many components to the story. Divorce, family strife, relationship issues, reconciliation, life changes.

Effie gets herself into terrible situations, makes bad choices but all’s well that ends well.

This is a story that made me roll my eyes and made me laugh too. It was a fast and entertaining read. This is a great author to turn to when you need a fun and quirky read. Sophie Kinsella is guaranteed to fulfill that need.

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