The Parting Glass, a review by Corina

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The Parting Glass
JoJo Laurie

450 pages
February 23, 2024



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I have appreciation for this story now the second time I read it. You don’t see mafia books on the Irish side too often, so this was tasty. I enjoyed the FMCs unraveling into the butterfly she became and even moreso towards the end, when she took back her life.

I loved the MMC and even though I shook my head more than once about what he did to the FMC, it is understandable that pain makes people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Seeing the brother to the MMC apologize in the end was a nice touch, the FMC did not have any of it. She was livid but because of her bravery earned respect. The family members that helped the FMC was an endearing part, just what the FMC needed to regain her identity back.

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