The Paris Apartment, a review by Tanya

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The Paris Apartment
Kelly Bowen
Narrators: Gemma Dawson, Polly Lee, Steve West, Marisa Calin

12 Hours
Published June 8th by Hachette, Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

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About the Book: 

2017, London: When Aurelia Leclaire inherits an opulent Paris apartment, she is shocked to discover her grandmother’s hidden secrets—including a treasure trove of famous art and couture gowns. One obscure painting leads her to Gabriel Seymour, a highly respected art restorer with his own mysterious past. Together they attempt to uncover the truths concealed within the apartment’s walls.

Paris, 1942: The Germans may occupy the City of Lights, but glamorous Estelle Allard flourishes in a world separate from the hardships of war. Yet when the Nazis come for her friends, Estelle doesn’t hesitate to help those she holds dear, no matter the cost. As she works against the forces intent on destroying her loved ones, she can’t know that her actions will have ramifications for generations to come.

Set seventy-five years apart, against a perilous and a prosperous Paris, both Estelle and Lia must unearth hidden courage as they navigate the dangers of a changing world, altering history—and their family’s futures—forever.

My Review: 

For as much as I say that I am tired of the dual timeline being IN EVERY BOOK it seems, I have to say that in this one, I loved it!! The WW2 Historical Fiction stories have had me losing interest of late as well, but again, this story had me captivated from the first page!

The women in this book were amazing. So strong in the face of adversity, taking so many risks to help others. Knowing that these mirror the actions of real people in our history, it brings such an easy emotional connection for the reader.

I loved Bowen’s writing style and was frustrated that I had to ‘Life’ when all I wanted to do was pick up this book and keep reading.  I also listened to the audiobook and loved all of the narrators.  Such a great story and they brought it to life. I could see every character perfectly in my mind

5 well-deserved stars!

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