The Paris Apartment, a review by Sherry

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The Paris Apartment
Lucy Foley

320 pages
Harper Collins UK

Amazon | Goodreads

Jess’ brother goes missing just as she has turned up for a visit.  She questions the inhabitants of his apartment building, but it seems no one is willing to help her out.  The book is filled with omissions, secrets and lies. And let me assure you that you will never guess the lead up to the ending.

One thing I found unique is the story unfolds in the present with chapters from alternating views and something would trigger the person to have a memory to help fill in pertinent past events.  I must admit that I didn’t really like any of the characters except maybe the cat, but I had several theories on what was going on and I needed to know if I had figured it all out.

The Paris setting with French sayings peppered throughout and the creepy old apartment building give the story some character.  The slow burn plot takes it time getting where it is going and slightly veers off course for a short time, but is entertaining, nonetheless.

I think those that liked the author’s previous books in addition to anyone loving slow burn suspense will enjoy this one.

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