The Other Passenger, a review by Di

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Louise Candlish

Simon & Schuster Canada
July 20, 2021

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I have had my fill of psychological thrillers, there has been an overabundance of them for a couple of years now. It takes a masterful writer to create one that is appealing to me. I read Our House by this same author and found it attention grabbing. When I saw this new title, I requested it right away.

As much as I read, I have never come across the term “unreliable narrator”. Now that I have discovered it, I realize how fitting this term is for this book.

The narrator is Jaime, a middle aged man who has climbed down the corporate ladder instead of up. He and his wife become friends with a younger couple and that leads to all sorts of twisty directions and plot points.

One of the strange things about this book (to me) is that I did not like any of the main characters. Not one of them had any redeeming qualities. They were well developed, just not likeable.

Jaime certainly bit off more than he should have. Lots of twists and turns, right up to the end of the story. Some I sort of predicted, others came right out of the blue.

I always love it when I am able to learn a new word from a book. The word in this book is SOLOPSISM. The word rolls off my tongue and it even looks interesting. While it is not proprietarily relevant to this book, I enjoyed running across it. I will leave the definition in the dictionary, anyone who is interested can look it up.

The ending sums up everything satisfactorily. I cannot really say too much more about this without divulging spoilers. I might not use the word “thriller” to describe it but it certainly is a psychological mind bender.

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