The Only One Left, a review by Cat

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The Only One Left
Riley Sager

Published June 20, 2023
By Dutton
385 Pages

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Well, I must admit that The Only One Left didn’t quite meet my initial expectations. Then again, I can’t say I had a precise idea of what I was anticipating in the first place. The book was packed with so many unexpected twists that it became quite challenging to foresee the unfolding events, which I adored.

On a related note, I must offer a word of caution to potential readers: given the dramatic twists that emerge toward the end, The Only One Left is one of those books where it’s too easy to unintentionally reveal key plot points.

The narrative style in The Only One Left is intriguing. I’m tempted to say it’s odd, but it actually works well here. Much of it is presented through Kit’s perspective, except for the past, narrated through the novel (or perhaps “letter”) she’s assisting Ms. McDeere in writing. Occasionally, I found myself a tad bewildered by the complexity of it all, but the ending eventually resolved all my questions.

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