The Ones We’re Meant to Find, a review by Cat

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The Ones We’re Meant to Find
Joan He

Published May 4, 2021
By Roaring Brook
384 Pages

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The Ones We’re Meant to Find has quickly become one of my favorite books to come out of 2021. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that May’s OwlCrate included an exclusive copy of the book!

This is a novel that has been marketed as perfect for fans that love We Were Liars, Black Mirror, and Studio Ghibli. I’d also want to mention that many of the tones felt familiar to this fan of The Uglies series.

Cee has been trapped and alone on an island for years. Well, mostly alone. She does have a bot to keep her company. So, that’s something. But in reality, all Cee wants to do is get off the island and find her sister, Kay. She knows that Kay is out there somewhere, waiting for her.
Meanwhile, Kay, aka Kasey Mizuhara, is living a very different life. She’s safely inside an eco-city, one built by people like her parents. She doesn’t understand why her sister went missing or what she can do to bring her back. So you can imagine how quickly she jumps at the chance to find the truth when presented to her.

I adored this novel. No, that statement almost feels too mild. Everything about The Ones We’re Meant to Find captivated me. The differing journeys that Cee and Kay went on, the different viewpoints they had to share, and the many surprises found along the way. It was all so perfect.

Honestly, I meant it when I said that The Ones We’re Meant to Find is one of my favorite novels from this year. It’s already looking to be a seriously underrated book, and thus I cannot recommend it enough.

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