The One, a review by Sherry

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The One
Audrey J Cole

294 pages
Rainier Publishing
published June 27, 2023

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This is another author that I think of their books as part of the popcorn thriller genre.  Short, twisty and play out like a movie in your head.  There is enough action and twists to keep you entertained and never wanting to put it down.  I’m not married, so I am not sure how realistic this one is, but I can attest it was entertaining.  A husband and wife playing a little cat and mouse game over who needs who more.  There is a little cheating and a little lying and some secrets.  What more can you want in a domestic thriller?  Not everything is at it seems and as I read, I wasn’t sure what was true.  I am not sure any of the three characters in this one could make a good decision to save their life, but that made it all the more fun.

This is a great summer, beach read.  It’s fast paced and while you will see a little of it coming, most will come out of left field.

About the book

To save their marriage, Sloane must forgive her husband’s affair. Instead, she tries a more tempting option—settling the score. But will it prove to be a deadly mistake?

ER doctor Sloane Marks is shattered when she learns her husband Ethan slept with his partner at Seattle Homicide. She considers leaving him and joining The One, having gone to college with the popular dating app’s billionaire founder, Brody Carr. But at forty-two, Sloane feels she has no choice but to forgive Ethan if she wants a chance at creating the family she never had.

Months later, Sloane bumps into Brody, who’s recently returned to Seattle. In due time, Ethan worries she’s cheating. His suspicions are confirmed when he learns the rich app founder took Sloane on a freediving excursion in the San Juan Islands. Soon after, Brody’s famous wife dies in an accident. Ethan becomes the lead investigator in her death, which he suspects wasn’t at accident at all.

Caught between a distrusting husband and a powerful billionaire who protects his secrets at all costs, Sloane is in a fight for her life. And the only way out is to take matters into her own hands.


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