The Nursery, a review by Kristin

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The Nursery
By: Sue Watson

Published By: Bookouture
359 pages

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Emily will stop at nothing to protect her daughter, Sofia. But Emily has secrets that she’s keeping from Sofia. Now, Sofia is a teenager and is rebelling against her mother, and questioning things from when she was a baby. Emily catches Sofia messaging a stranger online, and with the message the Emily sees, her heart start to pound and she knows that Sofia and she are in danger – Your mother isn’t who you think she is. Now, Emily’s past has returned to haunt her, but can she save Sofia?

I really wanted to love this book. I saw there were a lot of good reviews, so I had high hopes. However, I was let down. The book was very drawn out, and it took forever to get to the plot of the book. At the end of a lot of the chapters, the author tries hard to build suspense by making Emily say things like “if only I knew what was going to happen next.” About halfway through the book, it got better. There was one great big twist and I thought wow! But then the author kept going, and there was another twist, a pretty good one. I thought that would be the end of the book. NOPE! The author kept going and threw in more. That’s when it got to be too much. The book was somewhat enjoyable, but not worthy of 5 stars.


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