The Nurse, a review by Kristin

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The Nurse
By: Jenna Kernan

Publication Date: October 2, 2023
Published By: Bookouture
427 Pages

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“Can you start right away?” I can hear the desperation in Dr Roth’s voice. He’s longing for someone to look after his poor, sick wife Sabrina in their perfect Florida home. The job pays an awful lot. And I really need the money. As long as they don’t ask too many questions…

I spend my days by Sabrina’s side. She has everything money could buy – a luxurious home, a handsome, doting husband who would do anything for her. I hate cleaning up her mess, picking her designer clothes off the floor, and driving her to the golf club. I hate how she sneers at me, no matter what I do. But I have to remember why I’m really here.

Dr Roth has made it clear I have to make sure she takes her medication. Because if she doesn’t, there’s hell to pay. Three times a day, I count her sedative pills carefully. Sabrina rambles about the death of a child. About a terrible accident. Dr Roth shakes his head sadly. Delusions are a heartbreaking symptom of his wife’s illness, he says.

But when Dr Roth leaves the house, Sabrina becomes more clear-headed. She tells me she’s done something terrible. And that her husband is lying. He keeps her trapped because of what she did. And I’m the only one who can help her escape.

Can I believe the words of a woman suffering from delusions? Or is Dr Roth not as trustworthy as he seems? Someone is lying. And if the Roths find out why I’m really here, this could take a deadly turn.


If you like slow burn thrillers, then this one is definitely for you! Kernan writes a very well thought out plot in The Nurse. She creates intricate characters that are very interesting. She keeps you guessing as to what is really going on, and I bet you can’t figure it out. There was more than one surprise in this book.

The plot, the characters, the setting – it’s all very well thought out. It’s been a while since an author has amazed me with handling all three things so well.

Of course, the ending got me. It was one twist after another, and it completely shocked me. It *almost* leaves things a little open for there potentially to be a sequel, but I feel like it can be read as open or closed.

I would highly recommend reading this one!


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