The Nature of Fragile Things, a review by Di

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The Nature of Fragile Things
Susan Meissner

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384 pages
Published February 2, 2021 by Berkley Books

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Two fantastic books in two weeks. Both of them have incredibly strong women as the main character.

When I really love a book I have a hard time writing a review. I don’t want/need to recap the story. I cannot point out what I enjoyed about the book……EVERYTHING! I cannot point out what I didn’t like about the book…..NOTHING!

The book is set in San Francisco, 1906 in the days leading up to and including the devastating earthquake. Sophie, the heroine has just entered into a marriage of convenience to a widower with a young daughter. Naturally, nothing is ideal and starting the night before the earthquake everything goes from bad to worse.

Sophie’s character is very well developed. She is a loving and caring person. She is ready to take on new experiences. She is brave and she is smart. She is also harbouring a deep secret which is hinted at throughout the book.

The description of the aftermath of the earthquake is vivid and numbing. Fires broke out almost instantly after the tremors broke the gas lines. The devastation that occurred over the four days afterwards is horrifying. Ms. Meissner researched the subject well and presented it in a way that I was experiencing it along with Sophie.

This is a well written and well-researched book. There are a few twists along the way and an unexpected ending. I have read a few of this author’s books and enjoyed them all. This book tops my list as the favourite of Ms. Meissner’s books. It will stay with me for a long time.

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