The Mistletoe Inn, a review by Tanya

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The Mistletoe Inn (Mistletoe #2)
By Richard Paul Evans
Narrator Madeleine Maby

7 hours
Published Nov 2015 by Simon & Schuster Audio

The Mistletoe Inn kicks off my Christmastime cheesy romance reading for the season. I haven’t been able to do this for the past couple years, but this year being what it is, I’ve got time on my hands from all the sitting around at home. So here we go!
This is Book 2 apparently in the Mistletoe series although I couldn’t tell as these seem to be stand-alone stories.

The MC, Kimberly, is an aspiring Romance writer trying to publish her first book. With an emotionally trying childhood and a string of bad relationships behind her, the denials coming back from publishing houses aren’t helping her Christmas spirit.

Seeing an ad for a writer’s retreat in VT with a special guest speaker, the Romance writer who inspired Kimberly to start her own book, she and her father make plans for her to attend.

Love is a mess.
Then why are we romance writers?
Because someone has to clean it up.

While there, she meets Zeke, a handsome writer who Kimberly is immediately attracted to. Both Kimberly and Zeke become writing buddies who are supposed to help each other move forward in their writing skills. But Zeke has a past. One that he’s not talking about.

I loved how this story had just enough romance to make it cutesy without going way overboard and making it cheesy. When I come across too many Romances with high levels of cheese, I usually step away from the Genre and it can take me a long time to return. The Mistletoe Inn was a nice balance for me. The characters were interesting and the storyline was a bit sad at times but overall, pretty fun.

I would rate this a solid 3 stars and will be checking out this author’s other Christmas books. Bring on the next Christmas read!

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