The Messy Lives of Book People, a review by Di

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Phaedra Patrick

Park Row
May 31, 2022
352 pages | Goodreads | Amazon

The title tells us what the book is about. It’s about a writer, a ghostwriter, agents, characters etc. The focus is on Olivia, known as Liv, who unwittingly becomes the ghostwriter for a very popular author.

The beginning is a bit slow and fluffy. I think it took me about 4 chapters to become comfortable and invested in the story. This is the point where Liv is to become the ghostwriter.

This task changed who Liv is. She transforms from a cleaning lady who would like to be a writer into an actual writer. It’s not an easy transformation. But, it gives her confidence and a purpose. In many ways, it takes over her life. I enjoyed watching the confidence she developed as a person. At the same time, she remained very nervous about her writing skills, wondering if she would be good enough.

There is lots of name dropping of real life books and their authors. I’m not sure why, but that appeals to me. I am familiar with most of the names, I have read many of them. It fits into the story well as Liv is a voracious reader long before she becomes the ghostwriter.

There is a bit of mystery and intrigue in the book. It’s fun to watch it deepen, then unravel. I was not prepared for the big twist that was revealed just before the end. I love it when a story totally surprises me. And, I love it when everything comes together. It was a very satisfying ending.

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