The Making of Her, a review by Di

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Bernadette Jiwa

Penguin Random House/Dutton
352 pages
August 9, 2022

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This book is about keeping secrets. Secrets are often one of the main ingredients in tearing apart relationships.

The story has 2 time lines…..the 1960s and the 1990s. Events from the 1960s come back to haunt everyone in the 1990s.

Quick synopsis: Joan and Martin were teenage sweethearts. Joan got pregnant but gave the child up for adoption. They later got married and had another daughter. Thirty years later the adopted daughter contacted her birth parents. But it was not all hugs and rainbows. The adopted daughter has an agenda.

Sometimes when I am reading a book with dual timelines, one appeals to me more than the other. Not in this case, both storylines are good. They both kept my interest.

Throughout the book, Joan is not a happy person. Life has not dealt her a bouquet of roses. She’s had a lot to deal with and had never had the chance to be who she wanted to be. But things have a way of working out.

The story ended as I thought it should. It was a satisfying read.

Thank you to the publisher for offering me an Advance Readers Copy.

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