The Maidens, a review by Cat

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The Maidens
Alex Michaelides

Published June 15, 2021
By Celadon Books
352 Pages

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The Maidens is Alex Michaelides’ (The Silent Patient) latest novel, which means it promises to be a thriller that packs quite the punch. As a result, I picked this as the third and final novel for my June BOTM selection, and I have no regrets on that count.

Mariana Andros is a talented therapist who specializes in group therapy. Yet even as she works so hard to heal the minds of those around her, she herself is struggling. She recently lost her husband, and she has yet to recover from that pain.

There’s no time for her to stop and heal, not when young women are getting murdered at her old school. The school her niece now attends. So naturally, Mariana is about to find herself neck-deep in this investigation, and she has a list of suspects that she is determined to go after.

The Maidens is yet another dark story with psychological elements written by Alex Michaelides. There’s no denying that fact, not with Mariana trying to analyze the people around her, all while they do the same to her.

At the same time, I feel like there was room for further delving in this novel. The core premise was as captivating as any thriller reader could hope for. But many of the characters and their plights felt shockingly shallow, despite the psychological twists. But maybe that’s just me.

On the bright side, I really was on the edge of my seat, trying to solve the crime right alongside Mariana. So I can’t fault the story too much, as clearly I got all sorts of invested in it!

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