The Magician’s Daughter, a review by Cat

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The Magician’s Daughter
H.G. Parry

Published February 21, 2023
By Redhook
384 Pages

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Magical worlds will always appeal to me, no matter how young or old I am. So naturally, I nabbed The Magician’s Daughter when it came up on the Aardvark selection for February (I think? It might have been March. Time has no meaning anymore).

The world’s magic is fading. Or perhaps it’s dying. Rowan is one of the few working hard to ensure that what magic is left is shared evenly throughout the world. Then there’s his ward, who may be the answer to this problem.

The main reason I was interested in The Magician’s Daughter was the basic premise (being locked away on a magical island and all that). The rest was just icing on the cake. The Magician’s Daughter had certain elements I adored. However, this book also has some ominous undertones, so be forewarned. Although occasionally I found it difficult to concentrate, ultimately, The Magician’s Daughter is a terrific read (see what I did there?

This book is for you if you’re seeking a magical read with loads of peril, magical politics, and familiars.

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