The Lockhart Women, a review by Di

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Mary Camarillo

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She Writes Press
June 1, 2021
294 pages

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This book seemed like it had an interesting premise. A little bit soap opera-ish, but it had possibilities. Frank leaves Brenda for another woman. The story is based on Brenda and her two teenage daughters trying to get their life in order after the breakup.

None of the characters are endearing. Daughter Allison is stuck up and lives in her own fantasy world. She has a boyfriend who treats her like crap and is a druggie. Daughter Peggy is the smartest of the daughters but she spends her time being a people pleaser and letting people use her. Brenda is obsessed with the OJ Simpson events and cannot believe that Frank left her for a woman less attractive than she is. She also has a drinking problem. And Frank is a manipulator, and a cheater. Great ex-husband material.

I was not crazy about the writing in this book. It was quite jumpy….one minute they were talking about going to an upcoming wedding, the next sentence has them looking for their place cards at the reception. This happens throughout the book…..there is no transition or flow between scenes. It just happens.

In the back ground of the story, the events of OJ Simpson were happening. The murder, the trial and the verdict. It was an interesting distraction. Perhaps there was some hidden symbolism in this fact but I have no idea what it is.

The last 10% of the story finally redeemed itself. It was a long way to go before the characters seemed to turn their lives around. But, I guess it promotes the fact that there is always hope.

There are a lot of 5 star reviews for this book. I really wish I could have liked it more. It did keep me reading…..I guess I wanted to find out how it would turn out for this totally dysfunctional and unlikeable family.

The ending was satisfying.

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