The Lifeboat Sisters, a review by Kristin

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The Lifeboat Sisters
By: Tilly Tennant

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Published By: Bookouture
425 Pages

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Escape to candy-coloured Seaspray Cottage on the Cornish coast, with its stunning views of honeycomb sand beaches and aquamarine seas, where Ava is about to make a brave new start…

When Ava Morrow’s beloved father Jack is killed on his lifeboat at sea, the Cornish village of Port Promise unites in grief. Jack’s twinkling eyes and warm smile are remembered by the whole village, and Ava is determined that he will never be forgotten.

Inspired to follow in her father’s footsteps, Ava quits her job and begins to train as a lifeboat volunteer, alongside her best friend Harry, who was with Ava’s father the night he died. As they work side by side every day, Ava begins to see Harry, with his sea-green eyes and his sandy blonde hair, in a different light. Ava’s mother and sisters are worried about Ava’s safety and want her to stop, and Harry is the only person who really understands what she needs to do. Still, she pushes her feelings to one side, afraid to risk their friendship.

But when, one summer’s evening, Harry reveals a tragic secret about the night that Jack died, Ava’s world is turned upside down once more. Will his secret drive her away from him and the new life she loves?

If you love golden sands and crystal waters, picture-perfect Cornish villages and books by Jessica Redland, Jo Bartlett and Nicola May, you will fall in love with this romantic, heartbreaking read.


There is just so much to love about this book! Like many other books that I have loved, this takes place in a small town with a wonderful cast of characters. I really enjoy these books where the towns sound wonderful, as do all the people that are in the town. Tennant painted such a picture that I want to move into this town! It is very easy to root for Ava, especially after the tragedy she has endured. I enjoyed that this book is multi-faceted: it takes on grief and how each person handles it differently, it takes on family dynamics, friendships, love, and life choices. There are many takeaways from this book because of the layers within. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away, but I highly suggest you read this book!


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