The Last Word, a review by Cat

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The Last Word
Taylor Adams

Published April 25, 2023
By William Morrow
340 Pages

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The Last Word delivers a gripping and sinister narrative that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. With a multitude of captivating elements woven throughout, it is a read that elicits a range of intense emotions.

For reviewers, The Last Word will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression, one that is oddly chilling. Speaking from experience here!

Now, I must emphasize the significant role of Laika, the golden retriever, in the book. (Spoiler alert ahead.) There is a moment where her safety is jeopardized, creating a tense and alarming situation. However, I assure you, Laika emerges unharmed.

There are several surviving twists towards the conclusion of The Last Word. While one twist may have been somewhat anticipated or expected, the other proves to be genuinely shocking. At least, that was the case for this reader! This one-two punch significantly enhances the story’s overall impact, leading me to declare that this is, unequivocally, my favorite novel by Taylor Adams to date.

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