The Last to See Her, a review by Cat

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The Last to See Her
Courtney Evan Tate

Published December 15th, 2020
By Mira Books
384 Pages

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The Last to See Her is Courtney Evan Tate’s latest thriller novel, and it revolves strongly around themes any fan of the genre will be familiar with. We all know the saying – the first 24 hours of a missing person’s case are the most vital. We also know just how much suspicion lies on the last people to see the missing person. That knowledge, combined with the title of this book, is more than enough reason to send chills down our spines.

Gen is in the process of going through a messy divorce, so naturally, her sister offered to take her to New York for a girls’ weekend out. Only, things didn’t go quite the way Meg planned, when Gen up and disappeared on their very first night in the city.

Now Meg is desperate for any and all news about her sister, while fending off guilt and accusations that she had something to do with it. The hours are ticking down, as the hunt for a missing woman begins.

Let’s begin with the obvious, shall we? Everything revolving around a missing person’s case can be absolutely terrifying – even when just reading about a fictional case. Courtney Evan Tate did an excellent job of riding those emotions, and working hard to build them up.

It made for a thrilling (and concerning) read, as the truth of what happened is slowly revealed. My only complaint is the representation of mental illness and injuries. That could have been handled better. Overall though, I did find myself enjoying this read, and found myself unwilling to put it down.

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