The Kind Worth Saving, a review by Kristin

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The Kind Worth Saving
By: Peter Swanson

Publication Date: March 7, 2023
Published By: William Morrow
320 Pages

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“The people who are good at hiding secrets are the people who have practice at it.”

Joan suspects that her husband is cheating. She wants proof. She hires private investigator Henry Kimball, a former police officer, to gather evidence on her husband. Joan is no stranger to Henry. He gets an uneasy feeling about her as he knew her when he was student teaching English when Joan was in high school. What was supposed to be a simple investigation into a cheating husband turned into so much more when Henry found two dead bodies inside a home that was for sale. Henry felt like the past is coming back. Henry doesn’t believe the circumstances and he is determined to find out how everything played out.

Welp… book was a disappointment for me. Not worth more than a whopping two stars. Believe me, I know that I am a huge outlier when it comes to Peter Swanson books. He is just not the author for me. Which sucks because he is a genuinely nice guy (he came to one of our book clubs so we could discuss a book with him). Alas, I will never read one of Swanson’s books again. This is a slow burn type of book, but there is no real excitement. I really disliked Henry Kimball. He’s unprofessional. He keeps crossing lines (and not ones we know private investigators cross), and he should know better being a former police officer. In my notes, I wrote that he is just all around inappropriate. I was able to figure out the who early on, just not the how or the why right away. Moreover, this was the second book of this two-book series. The Kind Worth Killing leaves you on a cliffhanger, and there’s just a few pages of explanation as to what happened, it wasn’t satisfactory. If you like Swanson books, you’ll love this one. It just wasn’t for me.


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