The Keeper’s Six, a review by Cat

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The Keeper’s Six
Kate Elliot

Published January 17, 2023
208 Pages

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Kate Elliot is brilliant when it comes to worldbuilding. Even her standalone and novellas are rich and complex. Take The Keeper’s Six, a fantasy world where one mother will do everything in her power to get her son back safe and sound.

Esther hasn’t physically entered the Beyond in years. She and her team have been banned from doing so. That ban won’t be enough when Esther learns that her son has been abducted and taken to the Beyond.

This book had me hooked! The world is intense and fascinating, and I want another half dozen (or more) stories in this universe. I have so many questions, proving how effectively Kate Elliot caught my imagination here.

The family dynamics, backstories, and little details sprinkled throughout add so much to this story. It’s perfect for all fantasy lovers – especially those who love dragons, politics, and bad-ass moms.

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