The Hunting Wives, a buddy review by Allyson and Cat

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The Hunting Wives
May Cobb

Published May 18, 2021
By Berkley
368 Pages

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Sophie O’Neill put aside her busy career and life in order to move to a small town in Texas. At the time, it seemed like a great idea, choosing this idyllic town. But it didn’t take long for Sophie to realize just how restless this quiet life would make her.

It doesn’t take long before Sophie finds herself a distraction by the name of Margot Banks. She’s the ‘It Girl’ of this town, a socialite, philanthropist, and runner of a clique. Her clique is a secret, but those on the inside call themselves the Hunting Wives.

Allyson’s Review


The Hunting Wives was one of my BOTM picks for April. I was drawn into it by the bright blue of the cover with the bullets and lipstick which I thought was so simple and pretty. Unfortunately, I just didn’t enjoy a lot of things about this book.

I’m really sad to say I didn’t enjoy this book. The characters were just so unlikeable, there was honestly not even one main character I actually liked reading about. Sophie might have been the least likable of them all, which is unfortunate because you are stuck reading from her point of view. I just thought Sophie was always playing the victim and putting herself in bad situations even though she should know better based on past interactions. The only redeeming quality was the writing style and the plot, which was fairly entertaining and had a few twists I didn’t see coming.

This book was quite the letdown for me, but I do think that there are some people out there that would enjoy it.

Cat’s Review


The Hunting Wives is another book from this month’s BOTM selection that immediately caught my attention. Can you blame me? Look at that cover! I love the imagery and playful nature of it all. Unfortunately, I think I might have ended up enjoying the cover more than the book itself.

I’ll admit that I had pretty high hopes for The Hunting Wives, so maybe I’m not entirely fair here. I simply could not bring myself to like Sophie, or really any of the other characters in this book (unless you’re willing to count minor characters like her husband and son).

Honestly, this book really tore me up a bit, but not for the reasons you might expect. It had so much potential (the core concept, the relationship between Sophie and Margot, the intrigue, the writing style, etc.), but it kind of just fell flat for me.

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