The Hunting Party, a review by Cat

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The Hunting Party
Lucy Foley

Published January 24th, 2019
By HarperCollins
406 Pages

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Lucy Foley is back with another mystery thriller, this time with a clear homage to authors like Agatha Christie, Ruth Ware, and Tana French. Personally, that promise was more than enough to make me desperate to read it.

It’s the holidays, that wonderful time of the year when friends and family get together and celebrate. To bring in the new year, a group of friends from Oxford travels out to nearly the middle of nowhere, to enjoy the sights and have one grand adventure.

They did both, though perhaps not in the ways any of them could have expected. Now one of them is dead, and the rest are almost certainly trapped within an isolated location with a murderer. The question is, who did it?

That actually isn’t the only question of this tale. Lucy Foley did a fantastic job of stringing along the suspense. So much so, in fact, that there was a long period of time in which I didn’t even know which character had been murdered.

That was thanks to the writing style, which split the novel into two events. The events before the murder, and the events after. Each chapter would bounce back and forth, steadily building the suspense, while letting readers learn more about the situation and those involved.

It’s a plot we’ve all probably seen before, admittedly. Yet I give Foley credit for trying to do something unique and interesting here, even if I felt that it overall didn’t have quite the impact that I had been hoping for.

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