The Housemaid, a review by Di

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Frieda McFadden

April 26, 2022
338 pages

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What the heck did I just read??? 🤯 This is one of the creepiest, darkest, most disturbing books I have ever read. Yet, I could not stop turning pages. If life didn’t get the way (walking the dog, meals etc) I would have read it in one day. As it was, I still finished it in less than 48 hours.

Interesting characters, none of which are who they seem to be. And, none of them are likeable. In this case, that is a good thing.

There are several twists, one of which I was almost able to predict. But, as I kept reading, the plot became more and more convoluted. I did not know what to expect next.

The ending was satisfying.

I have been seeing lots of hype about this book, for almost 2 years. Usually, I am disappointed in hyped books because my expectations are too high. I try to stay away. But my daughter highly recommended this one to me and I was skeptical but decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I read it. Entertaining and fast read.

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