The Hotel Nantucket, a review by Di

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Elin Hilderbrand

Little Brown and Company
June 14, 2022
416 pages

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Every year I know that once June comes it’s time for my annual literary trip to Nantucket, courtesy of Elin Hilderbrand. She and Mary Kay Andrews are the two authors that mean summer to me.

The Hotel Nantucket holds many stories for the reader. It is an old hotel which has been lavishly renovated and is reopening for the summer of 2022. The staff of the small and exclusive hotel are the main characters, the side characters are the guests that come and stay at the hotel. And, one lovely character, Grace, is a ghost. She died in a fire in the hotel back in the 1920s. Grace has been hanging out in the hotel since then, looking for closure so she can enter her eternal rest. She is mischievous, intuitive and sensitive towards the guests.

There are tons of secrets and little twists throughout the story. A few you could see coming, a few were surprises. They were all fun.

This is also a deliciously, decadent story. There are so many wonderful food descriptions, I swear I gained a few pounds just reading about the food.

The shenanigans in the story remind me of Peyton Place, a scandalous book from the 1950s. The structure and setting of the story remind me of Arthur Hailey’s Hotel, from the 1970s. There are a lot of characters with a lot going on. But it is all cohesive.

Great summer/beach read. It kept me turning pages well into the night. A fun book!

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