The Holy Academy of Witches ARC, a review by Kristie

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The Holy Academy of Witches

Alora Black and Freya Grey

Release date: November 11, 2023

600 pages (digital)



I loved everything about this one. Dark academia, magic, secrets, friends, family, lovers. Adeline, Sage, Theo, and Cillian will be living rent-free in my head for a while!

I loved the way secrets were rolled out and revealed throughout the entire book. It was surprising yet expected in the best way! I liked that the POV was Sage and Adeline, and not one of them and one of the boys. It was a nice change from what’s out there right now. And although I enjoy some spice, the slow burn was worth it in this one.

I was invested not only in the characters the authors created but in what was going on in their world as well. They did a great job of setting the bigger picture and integrating everything else into it to fit nicely.

The duality of some of the characters was striking and really well done, and I felt like people can relate to that a lot – having one version of yourself for some people and another real version for those who are close. The characters were relatable and could easily be anyone in our lives.

The cliffhanger. Omg. You guys. When does book 2 come???


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