The Guest List, a review by Tracy

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The Guest List
Lucy Foley
Narrated by: Jot Davies, Chloe Massey, Olivia Dowd, Aoife McMahon, Sarah Ovens, Rich Keeble

320 pages
Published June 2, 2020 by William Morrow

10 hours 22 minutes on audio
Published June 2, 2020 by HarperAudio

The story takes place on a remote island off the coast of Ireland as guests are arriving and attending a wedding.  The story is written from multiple vantage points and moves back and forth from different periods in each of the character’s lives, leading up to the wedding and on the actual wedding weekend.

The characters that take part in telling the story are:  The Bride – The Groom – The Bridesmaid – The Best Man – The Plus One – The Wedding Planner and The Narrator/ The Body. 

I always enjoy a story told from multiple characters and while some times it can get a bit jumbled up I found that this book did a very good job of keeping each of them separate.  A+ to the Audible narrators on this one!!

The best way I can sum up this book is a “modern-day live action Clue game”.  Each of the characters have a reason to exact revenge on The Body. However none of them know that others at the same event, on the same remote island, in the same small elite circle of guests have also been done wrong, in life, by this one person. Sort of a bit unbelievable. The story unfolds rather slowly from each vantage point.  There are some good twists and turns to the story, but unfortunately I did not find most of them that well concealed.  It is a bit predictable if you have read other books of this genre.  Throughout the entire book no single character really resonated with me and I never found myself drawn to anyone’s storyline that much

For me the fact that I listened to the audible version helped greatly.  The narration was very well done. Each character had a distinct and different tone and accent which made it easy to distinguish each.  I found the story average but the narration keep me listening.  Also, because it was a mystery I did finish the book to find out “who-done-it”.  In all, I thought the story was drawn out very slowly and the end was abrupt.  You do find out the Who and the Why but there are so many other loose ends that are left hanging.

I wanted to love this book for the genre and that it was a Reese’s Book Club pick but it just left me underwhelmed……On to the next book now.


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