The Greedy Three, a review by Sherry

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The Greedy Three
Karen Katchur

295 pages
Podium Publishing
published February 28, 2023

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One of the things I found interesting with this book is it starts off with the bad guy and he is likable.  He shouldn’t be but something about the way he is portrayed drew me to him.  There are a few storylines happening in this one.  Human trafficking, baby stealing and a lady with a shady past.  At times it was a little confusing, but it does eventually get woven together quite nicely.  It’s a little bit dark and very suspenseful with a little bit of dark humor thrown in.

All the characters are deeply flawed and not incredibly moral.  It moved along at a quick pace and I read it rather quickly.  There were a couple of other things that made this a unique crime read, but for the sake of spoilers, I’ll let you discover them yourself.

If you like quick moving, dark crime novels, this one should be on your radar.

About the book

When a kidnapping goes awry, three desperate characters find themselves trapped inside a remote cabin with a baby and a bag full of money.

Noah is a kidnapper, hired to buy a baby from a human trafficking ring and smuggle her across the Canadian border for a cool half a million dollars. Eve is a teenage runaway, who takes the infant—and the sack full of cash—away from him. Hester is an outcast, living alone in a backwoods cottage, harboring secrets of her own. When their paths cross, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll come out on top.

With the law hot on their trail and the traffickers’ hired guns closing in, this unlikely trio is soon holed up together—and at one another’s throats. They’ll stop at nothing to save their own skins and escape with the loot and child. But which of the greedy three will be the last one standing? One thing’s for sure: no one will emerge unscathed . . .

Wildly inventive and darkly comic, this new thriller from the bestselling author of River Bodies is perfect for fans of Jane Harper, Jennifer Hillier, Mare of Easttown, and the Coen brothers.

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