The Gossip, a review by Robyn

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The Gossip
Nancy Bush

Zebra Books
June 29th, 2021

332 pages

Rating: 🕵️🕵️🕵️🕵️


Mackenzie Laughlin isn’t quite sure what to do with herself once she leaves the River Glen police force. When she is approached to help find Rayne, a local woman who has disappeared, Mac decides to take on the case. In the course of the case, Mac comes across Private Investigator, Jesse James Taft, who has a case that may be connected to Rayne. The situation takes a deadly turn when Rayne is found dead. They aren’t sure if it was an awful accident or something more sinister. As they investigate, they come across information that could make a killer come out of hiding.

The Gossip by Nancy Bush is a suspenseful thriller with characters that stand out. Mac is a strong woman and Taft is a great match for her. The Gossip is the second book in the River Glen series. I did not realize that when I requested this book and I did feel as though I was missing character development. I would def recommend reading these books in order. With that side, I really enjoyed this story and the way it kept me hooked throughout. The atmosphere is thick and almost felt like another character. Nancy Bush has created a world that I would love to visit again (after I read the first book.)


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