The Good Girl, a review by Shelley

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Michelle Dunne

Bloodhound Books
March 7th, 2024
338 Pages

Genre: Crime, Thrillers & Mysteries

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I haven’t read any thrillers since the end of January because too often they are unbelievable and way too over the top. Enter The Good Girl by Michelle Dunne, finally a book that lives up to its promise to be a totally absorbing psychological thriller. In fact it was so absorbing I read all 338 in a couple of sittings. There is no whodunit here, we know from the first page who the culprit is and what follows is a page-turning account of the why. Told in two timeline format, we learn about Grace and her sister Amber and how they were raised by a drug-addicted mother (I use that term lightly). Grace has to take over the caregiving of Amber at an early age.

This is a wonderfully thought-out and addictive account of how abuse can repeat itself generation after generation and how Grace tried her best to break the cycle for her and her sister. This was such a heartbreaking read because of what Grace and Amber went through as children and what they continue to go through as adults. And even though we know the culprit right away there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. This one deserves all the stars for how unique it was and how visceral my feelings were towards some of the actions of these characters.

There are lots of triggers in this tale so be forewarned, I do not recommend this to anyone who is faint of heart or weak of stomach.

A special thank you to my Goodreads pal, Rosh. It was her review that brought my attention to this fabulous read. Check out her review here as it is so much better than mine. Thank you, Rosh!

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