The Golden Oldies’ Book Club, a review by Shelley

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Judy Leigh

Boldwood Books
Expected Publication December 6th, 2022
361 pages
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Last year at this time I read The Golden Girls’ Getaway by Judy Leigh and loved it, it was my first foray into this author’s books. I was really happy to get this one from NetGalley and Miss Leigh did not disappoint. I don’t know what it is but I just adore books with ladies of a certain age, who don’t act their age and are sometimes up to no good…in the best way possible.

This was such a hoot. In this one, we have Jeannie, Ruth, Aurora, Verity, and Danielle and we go through an apple farm season with them all. They go on a trip to France, enjoy their book club, work at their various jobs and deal with their families and neighbours all while trying to have a good time. I think my favourite character was Jeannie’s mother, Violet, she is ninety-five, feisty and fun and let’s not forget her jokes. (I love a good pun!) The characters in this book are relatable and the situations they find themselves in are true to life.

I loved this village and would love to live there and be neighbours with these ladies. I would so join that book club and give Matt a piece of my mind while I am at it. What I think is the best part of this book, or what I took away from it was the fact that female friendships are important, never act your age, and you’re never too old to try something new or find new love. This was the type of book that you want to hug when you’re finished reading it. My last review of this author stated I wanted to read more of her works and the feeling holds true after this one.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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