The Girl in the Painting, a review by Kristin

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The Girl in the Painting
Caleb Crowe

January 28, 2024
Inkubator Books
344 pages

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Robbie is a kind and loving boyfriend. As long as you obey the rules.

Seline is excited to be starting a new chapter. She has moved away from home to begin her first job – as school art teacher in a quaint Yorkshire village.

Life gets even better when she meets the wild and untamed Robbie, with whom she starts a relationship. Robbie is unpredictable and impulsive and Seline loves the excitement he injects into her well-ordered days.

But Robbie soon reveals a dark side. He becomes more and more domineering and Seline finds herself trapped with a man who needs to control her every waking moment.

Her only escape is through her artwork. But even there, in the shadowy corners of her own paintings, lurks a disturbing truth she cannot decipher.

Desperate to escape from Robbie, Seline turns to an old family friend, Michael, for help. But Michael has secrets of his own, secrets that entwine with Seline’s past in shocking and sinister ways…


Pretty quickly into the book, I felt that something was not right. Something weird was going on. During the entire book, I felt an uneasiness. It’s really kept me turning pages so quickly that I started it in the morning and by late afternoon I was finished!

Crowe’s style of writing is easy and engaging. The plot is great and the characters are great. There is more than one morally gray character in this book, but I bet you can’t figure out who they are! That was the best part for me. The twist and turns were fresh; they shocked me, literally. I finished the book and said to myself, “what just happened.” It took me a minute for my brain to process because he wrote an ultimate twist that isn’t seen coming from a mile away.

This is a new to me author, and I promise I will be reading more books by this author!

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