The Girl in the Mirror, a review by Tanya

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The Girl in the Mirror
Rose Carlyle
304 pages
Published Oct 20, 2020 by William Morrow

I love the idea of Twins. Especially Identical Twins. Starting out so alike and continuing to look alike on the outside as they grow. But what happens on the inside?  If they are raised in the same environment, it seems logical that they will have similar personalities, morals and beliefs. But we know that is not true.

This is the basis for The Girl in the Mirror.  Summer and Iris – twins that look identical but are very different people.  Summer is sweet, kind, beautiful and beloved by everyone.  Iris feels like she is the bad twin, never as good as Summer, not as pretty, not as beloved.

These roles continue into adulthood with Summer and Iris living on different continents, living separate lives. Until one day, Summer reaches out to Iris to ask her a huge favor. Sailing the family boat across the Indian Ocean with just the twins as passengers.  As Iris is an excellent sailor, this seems an innocent enough request.  Though it will have deadly consequences for one of them.

I was so entertained by this story although it did take me a bit to get into the story as it unfolds piece by piece. To begin with, the author has to fill the reader in on bits and pieces of previous events that are important to setting the current scene.  That made it a little choppy for me and was a bit confusing from time to time.  But after the first few chapters, the story is well set up to move forward and it’s ‘smooth sailing’ from there!

Loved the events that transpired and how the MC moved forward.  Obviously making bad decisions that make the story even better. 😊

There was a bit of a lull in the middle of the book but it soon picked back up again with a race to the finish line ending that was very satisfying!  Perfect read for adventure/thriller lovers!


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