The Gilded Ones, a review by Cat

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The Gilded Ones
Namina Forna

Published February 9th, 2021
By Delacorte
432 Pages

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If you’ve been following the Young Adult Fantasy threads, odds are more than good that you’ve heard about The Gilded Ones. Not only has it been talked about by excited fans, but its been added to a few book boxes as well, always exciting news.

Deka has spent her whole life knowing what she could and couldn’t be. She’s spent her whole life waiting for one ceremony. A ceremony which would either free her, or doom her. It all depended on the color of her blood.

The ceremony did not follow Deka’s hopes and dreams, and so she was given a choice. Stay here and suffer a fate worse than death, or leave and fight for the empire’s army. It really wasn’t a choice, and now she’s off to change the world.

The Gilded Ones is an incredibly thrilling and tense read, right from the very first moment that Deka is introduced. Her journey and battles are harrowing yet, but they’re also empowering. I can now fully understand why so many people are excited about this release.

This is not a novel that hides from the horrors that people can commit, and thus there are some pretty graphic scenes and implications that occur throughout, so be do consider that carefully before picking it up for yourself, as I know that level of violence is not for everyone.

That being said, The Gilded Ones really is an amazing read. The intensity and graphic nature only helps to further the message woven into the narrative, making it a powerful and evocative read, one that will ring true to many of our hearts.

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